Conflicting Sources for 3D Replicas

Type of Publication: Online Article

Erin Giffin, “Conflicting Sources for 3D Replicas,” Thinking 3D Forum website, July 20, 2019.

Adam Philippon’s 1649 Parisian publication Le veritable plan, et pourtrait de la Maison Miraculeuse de la S.te Vierge, ainsy qu’elle se voit á present á Lorette purports to record visually the divine structure believed to have been the home of the Virgin and site of the Annunciation that relocated miraculously to Loreto, a town on the eastern coast of Italy in the late-thirteenth century. But the structural interior portrayed does not represent the Santa Casa at Loreto. Rather, Philippon’s print renders a replica of the architectural relic constructed on the Venetian island of San Clemente. This article explores the cultural ties behind Philippon’s conflation of the Venetian replica with the Loretan original, and the ramifications of Philippon’s representation for subsequent replicas. 

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