March 2019

Research Stay

Cloe Cavero spent a month at Harvard University as visiting researcher.

At Harvard, she worked with Felipe Pereda, Fernando Zóbel de Ayala Professor of Spanish Art, and participated in the Seminar Truth and Deceit in Golden Age Spanish Painting. During this month, Cloe had the opportunity to further develop her research on child saints imagery by using the rich resources of the Harvard Libraries, and by studying the collections of the Harvard Art Museums. She also had the chance to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum

Between 17-19 March, Cloe Cavero travelled to Toronto (Canada) to attend the Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting. She chaired the panel Representations of Children in Early Modern European Art: Meanings and Effectsorganized by Fabien Lacouture (Université de Lille III). Topics discussed in this panel ranged from the portrayal of children to the iconography of young Saint John the Baptist, in Venetian Cyprus, Florence, and Spain.