Representation of non canonised saints
Year mention: 1625, 1634, 1640
Halos of sanctity
Urban VIII; Inquisition

In 1625 Urban VII obliged that those who had not been beatified/canonised should not be painted with resplendence or laurels, although it was tolerated if the first representation depicted in this way was already 100 years old. It ordered bishops and inquisitors to repress with punishment if necessary the cult of saints and martyrs not authorised by the Holy See, books mentioning their miracles, and to represent them with a nimbus.
In the Inquisitorial Brief of 5 July 1634, the cult, memory and nimbus of those not canonised were ordered to be suppressed; and in the Index de Sotomayor of 1640 it was ordered that these images be suppressed.

Date mention
1625, 1634, 1640

Historical Location

Vatican City;

Vatican City;

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