Idols should not be used as inspiration for engravings
Year mention: 1617
Heretical image

Condemnation of the images of idols and heretic symbols

Molanus, Johannes
Frostispiece of Molanus, De historia sanctarum imaginum et picturarum (1617), Antwerp, Gasparus Bellerus
Frontispiece of Molanus, De historia sanctarum imaginum et picturarum (1617), Antwerp, Gasparus Bellerus
Augsburg, Staats- und Stadtbibliothek — Th H 1475. Digital Reproduction: München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, 2015.

Molanus condemns images depicting idols and other heretic symbols.

“Moreover, if, as Clement of Alexandria testifies, the faces of idols should not be engraved and if it is even forbidden to pay attention to them, all the more reason the effigies of heretics deserve to be destroyed. Nature indeed dictates us to mark with infamy the images of those which we hate above all. That is why children as if instructed by nature itself when they see painted the demon or some other character whom they know to be an enemy of the Christian religion – what are these people who destroy Christ or his saints – then they spit on them or cover them with filth, while otherwise honouring the images of others.”

“Ceterum si, ut Clemens testatur, Idolorum non sunt imprimendae facies, ad quas vel attendere solum prohibitum sit, multo magis haereticorum effigies sunt, reprobandae et a nullo Christiano homine conservandae. Cum enim huiusmodi conservatio sit honorifica, magis convenit nos haeriticorum Imagines destruere, quam conservare. Dictat enim natura, ut eorum Imaginibus ignominiam inferamus, quos summopere destamur. Unde pueri velut ab ipsa natura edocti, cum aliorum Imagines venerentur, tamen daemonem, si depictum videant, vel quem alium novere religionis Christianae inimicum, cuiusmodi sunt qui Christum sanctosue eius interemerunt, vel expungunt vel conspuunt, vel sordibus obliterrant.”

Quoted Authorities

Clement of Alexandria

Model to follow

Clement of Alexandria

daemonem, haereticorum, Prohibitum, reprobandae
Date mention

Historical Location

Molanus, De historia sanctarum imaginum et picturarum (1617), book 2, ch. 58, 199

Molanus 1996, 294.

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