An agreement of the Council of the Inquisition describes how, after various consultations with the different local courts, it was decided to ban a series of paintings on the grounds that they might incur false dogmas
Year mention: 1571
Crucifix ; Passion of Christ ; Schola Cordis

In November 1571 the Council of the Inquisition sent to different local inquisitions an agreement which banned a series of paintings and prints on the grounds that they might incur false dogmas. The two paintings represented, the first, some devotees in front of a crucifix, and the second a representation of the Trinity. The prints were a series of images of the Passion of Christ with texts in Latin and in French.

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Historical Location

AHN, Inquisición, libro 326, ff. 1v-3r

Pinto Crespo 1978, 285-322, pp. 297-302; Borja Franco Llopis and Stefania Rusconi, Sobre pinturas deshonestas, lienzos y naipes protestantes: tres documentos inquisitoriales vinculados a la censura y tráfico de imágenes heréticas en el mundo hispánico del siglo XVI, Manuscrits: Revista de història moderna, no. 33 (2015): 97-118.

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