Wintersemester 2017/2018

Sacred Images and Visual Normativity in Early Modern Art

Research Seminar (Oberseminar), 2017-2018

Institut für Kunstgeschichte, LMU, Zentnerstr. 31, Room 510.  Thursdays, 17-20.




Wintersemester 2017/2018

23 November: Ivo Raband (Bern), Flying and Floating in Early Modern Sculpture

7 December: Erin Giffin (Munich), Body and Apparition: Materiality in Early Modern Sacred Sculpture

14 December: Eva Bracchi (M.A., Bibliotheca Hertziana), Circolazione degli artisti tra la Baviera e Roma intorno al 1600: Il pittore e miniatore Sigismondo Laire (Sigmund Leirer)

11 January: Macarena Moralejo (Universidad de Comillas), Federico Zuccari (1539-1609) and his reliquaries in Spain. Formal description and interpretation through the literature and the painter’s letters