Sommersemester 2018

Forms and Norms in European Art and Beyond

Research Seminar (Oberseminar)

Institut für Kunstgeschichte, LMU, Zentnerstr. 31, Room 510. Thursdays, 17.15-20



19 April: Maria Beltramini (Università di Roma, “Tor Vergata”), Eucharistic Altars and Sacred Space in the Cinquecento.

26 April: Yoshie Kojima (Waseda University, Tokyo), Fumi-e: trampled images in Japan 

3 Mai: Michele Bacci (Universität Freiburg / Université de Fribourg), Worship-Inspiring Forms. On the Normativity of Byzantine-Style Icons in Western Europe (14th through 16th Centuries)

8 Mai, Dienstag: Salvatore Settis (Accademia dei Lincei, Pisa), The Materiality of the Divine: Aniconism, Iconoclasm, Iconography

[CANCELLED] 14 Juni:  Barbara Carnevali (EHESS, Paris), The Sense of Selfie: Alienation and Reappropriation of the Social Image

[CANCELLED] 28 Juni: Koenrad Jonckheere (Ghent University), Dialectica, Quaestio and Visual Question Syntax

5 Juli: Fernando Marías (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid / Real Academia de la Historia), Norm and Exception: On the Iconography of Extravagant Saints with El Greco in the Background

12 Juli: Christine Göttler (Universität Bern), Potosí in Antwerp: Mythological and monetary imagery in Rubens’s Arch of the Mint for the Entry of Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand into Antwerp, 1635