Success Stories in the New World. Transfer, translation and discourse in the mirror of hagiographical painting cycles in Viceroyal Peru (1600-1780)

Veronika Winkler’s dissertation investigates the transfer of painted images of saints’ life cycles from Spain to the Viceroyalty of Peru during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This project examines how hagiographic prints and painting cycles arrived in the New World and how local artists appropriated these European models into their own cultural contexts. Focusing on the painting series of the founders of the missionary orders located in cloisters in Seville, Lima and Cusco, the dissertation scrutinizes the cooperation between patrons and artists and compares the creation of hagiographic image cycles in Peru to similar working processes in Spain. The project aims to interpret the pictures in their individual social-cultural contexts by revealing innovative narrative strategies and modifications to the original life cycles of the founders.